Pristine Engineers & Technology  a supplier , trading, and service provider  in Delhi NCR for  water treatment plants inclusive of water softening system , Demineralization plant, commercial RO plant ,  water treatment chemicals , boiler feed water treatment, RO antiscalant, RO membrane cleaning chemicals, descaling chemicals, Cooling Tower chemicals , biocides , Effluent treatment plants,  dosing pump , sewage treatment plants, mix bed resins, micron filters housings, flow meter, Support and Spare Parts of a wide range of water treatment plants  etc. We, always focus on giving best quality, efficient after-deals services to our customers. We esteem our clients a lot and giving productive water treatment and purification systems to them is our sole mission. There are different applications that we provide treatment plants including Pharmaceutical, drinking, Semiconductors, Mineral water, process, cooling and chilling circuits, Boiler feed and some more. We are committed to provide the quality products at very competitive prices.   


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Plant Solutions

Providing customized solutions for water treatment plants and optimizing the use of external resources.

Chemical Solutions

Offering chemical program as per  your water and process needs.


Our team is always available a for problem diagnosis and supporting system recovery and post sale support.