PRISTINE, supplier of ion exchange resin for DM Plant resin, Water Softener Resin, Anionic resin, Cationic resins , mixed bed resins , specialty resins, iron removal resin available in different make. These resins have long service life, high ion swapping capacity and low regenrant consumption. Ion Exchange resins are insoluble granular substances which have acidic or basic ions that can be exchanged. The positive or negative ions fixed on these resins  are replaced by ions of the same sign in solution in the liquid in contact with them during reversible chemical reaction. Resins are used in separation and purification in various water treatment process. A wide range of ion exchange resins are available in various  sizes, ionic forms, and purity ranges offering a variety of purification solutions for water treatment process applications.

  • Strong acid cation resins (SAC Resin)

  • Weak acid cation resins (WAC Resin)                                                                             
  • Strong base anion resins (SBA Resin)                                                                           
  • Weak base anion resins (WBA Resin)                                                                              
  • Specialty resins

Ion Exchange Resin

Water softener resin have a crucial role in softening of hard water. High grade Water softener resin provides a high quality soft water but resins have their own life period; which depends upon water quality and usage of softener . After various cycles  of softening, resins start leaving their ions swapping capacity thus requiring regeneration. 

Water Softener Resin

DM Plant Resin needs to be of  High quality as key  imperative to achieve optimum performance from DM Plant. At PRISTINE, we supply resins for dual and mixed bed DI Systems .   We offers a wide  range of water treatment  resins that includes  Cation Resin, Anion Resin        (Type I & II), Mixed Bed Resin. Our resins are passed through stringent industrial standards test , providing our customers  superior products at best price  that enhance their plant efficiency  and water quality

DM Plant Resin

Mix Bed resin produce high purity water  is required for electronics, Pharmaceuticals , scientific experiments, superconductors manufacturing  , among others. This water may be  produced by the process of Demoralization   or combination  methods. Cations are swapped with hydrogen  ions using cation-exchange resins; anions are swapped  with hydroxyls using anion-exchange resins. The hydrogen  and hydroxyls recombine further  producing water pure molecules. The purification process is usually carried out in many steps with “mixed bed  columns” at the end of the treatment process.

Mix Bed Resin

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