Polyelectrolytes  are  charged polymers are bi-functional  in nature that can be used as flocculants and de-flocculants , thickeners, clarifiers, dispersant agents  relying  on their atomic  weights. Solid-liquid separation targets the flocculating nature of the polyelectrolyte whereas deflocculant fill in as  as a  scattering or dispersing agent.It can be categorized into cationic polyelectrolyte and anionic polyelectrolyte.

Polyelectrolytes enhance the performance of the process thereby meeting the needs in many  industrial applications. These  applications may include water purification, oil recovery, metallurgy & metal smelting, BOD /COD reduction, paper & board production, mineral processing, , super-plasticizers, implant coating, ,discoloration ,drug release system         etc.
Polyelectrolytes are primarily utilized  in floating processes,  thickening and organic sludge dewatering, effluent treatments plants  or in waste water plants.


  • Suitable for any solid-liquid seperation.
  • Potent and efficacious even at low dosages.
  • Excellent over a wide pH range.
  • Maximum flocculation.


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