Water Softener Plant

Industrial water softener expels hardness from water caused due to the  presence of Calcium and Magnesium ions . Hard water poses a potential risk for industries and commercial units by affecting the performance and  efficiency of boilers, cooling systems and other associated machinery adversely affected by scaling caused by hard water. Water Softener prevent this by removing scale forming ions .


We  deals in industrial water Softner plant  available in user friendly robust design with manual, semi-automatic or automatic controls in MSEP & FRP vessels Water softning equiments  giving excellent performances and output. The various industrial water softners applications are:

Hospitals and healthcareHotels and resorts
Food processing unitsCooling tower makeup water
Boiler’s feed waterHumidification and air conditioning
Pharmaceutical industryAutomobile industries
RestaurantHeating system


Our Services :

  • New water softening system .
  • Water analysis .
  • Complete Installation and   commissioning .
  • Small and large capacity plant .
  • Skid mounted and floor mounted units .
  • Ion exchange regeneration service.
  • Immediate After sales service.

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